oozie workflow

How to schedule Cloudera Impala data pipelines in Apache Oozie?

Oozie is a software built on Hadoop with which we are able to create workflows and schedule them. We can build data pipelines, the components of the pipelines can be Java code, Sqoop, Pig, Hive or Shell script and so on. Inside the workflow jobs can be defined to run either in parallel or in sequence. There is a graphical interface made for Oozie inside HUE. Here we can conveniently define our jobs, manage and monitor them. Components…
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Industry 4.0

The role of Big Data in creating Industry 4.0

In the last 20 years the stakeholders of industry were able to reduce the amount of waste and enhance the quality of the products and the yield. This could happen due to they implemented lean and six sigma methods within…
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