data analytics

Apache Zeppelin with Spark on Docker on Microsoft Azure

Generating normal distribution with Apache Zeppelin running on a Docker container on Microsoft Azure cloud platform

Creating this project was mainly motivated by trying the capabilities of Apache Zeppelin, which seems to have a lot of potential in the hands of a data scientist. The project is built around a dice game. The user can determine how many dice we throw and how many times we throw those dice. Exciting so far, right? What is more exciting is that at a sufficient amount of throws we expect a Gaussian distribution curve to be emerged. Let's try if it will do or not.  Apache Zeppelin  Apache Zeppelin is basically a notebook, which focuses mainly on Apache Spark engine. A…
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Industry 4.0

The role of Big Data in creating Industry 4.0

In the last 20 years the stakeholders of industry were able to reduce the amount of waste and enhance the quality of the products and the yield. This could happen due to they implemented lean and six sigma methods within…
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